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12th June 2023

The final half term

It has been the perfect start to the final half term of this school year. Our children bounced into school all ready to pick up where they left off - always keen to learn.

Year 2 started the week with a seaside experience which included opportunities to explore all the traditional elements that you find at a British seaside resort. They will end their theme, 'Oh do you like to be beside the seaside?' with a trip to Scarborough in July. Year 3 were treated to a visit from some Egyptians which was their inspirational starter lesson for their theme, 'Were the Egyptians epic'. Just a taster of what was happening across school last week.

The Attendance team had also been busy arranging special celebrations for the children who had achieved 100% attendance in the month of May. To attend the events, you had to have been given a golden ticket. It was wonderful to see children waiting to go into the events waving their tickets in the air and feeling very proud to have one.

Reception children had an Attendance Soiree where they danced and had drinks and treats. Year 3 and 4 were entertained by a magician and Year 1 and 2 children had a celebration with games, activities and treats.

What an exciting week it has been.