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12th July 2020

What a week!

Having managed to keep school fully open since March 8th with only one class bubble closure, it was quite a shock to have to close 3 class bubbles within a few days 🙁. This obviously presented many challenges and we had to manage 19 staff being absent over several days. This was done in such a calm and organised manner which enabled everything to take place in school that had been planned.

Everyone had time to celebrate England reaching their first final in a major tournament since 1966 - really uplifting for the country after all we have been through in the last 16 months.⚽👍

At the same time Year 5 and 6 children rose to the challenge of the climbing wall, just one part of a Fun day arranged for them in a covid safe way. To hear a child, say, 'that was the best day of my life' tells you why it is worth all the effort that goes behind arranging a day like this. Resilience, perseverance, commitment, courage, teamwork, energy, encouragement...I could list so many qualities needed on that day.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped and been so pro-active in finding solutions this week and to our families who have supported from home.

There are few schools that could operate with such seamless efficiency as we do when things are tough. 😊👏👏👏