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11th November 2019

'Change starts with us'

Anti-Bullying week begins on Monday 11th November and this year the slogan is "change starts with us," something we readily embrace in our school because we know that we can make a huge difference within our world. Watching serious, reflective faces in assembly last week left me in no doubt that our children have the desire to doso.

Mrs McMullen and Miss Melling launched all the activities they would like classes to get involved in including: Odd socks day; making a class pledge for change; buying wristbands for the Anti-bullying alliance charity; and displaying a "change starts with us' sign on classroom doors. Year 5 and 6 children shared with us the small things that they thought would make a difference to people feeling happier, safer and more included; wonderful, thoughtful ideas that cost nothing but a little amount of time and effort.

I am looking forward to visiting classrooms and finding out about the ideas, thoughts and feelings that are shared during this week ❤️👍🙂