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11th March 2019

Now that's what I call learning

Wow - blink and you would have missed this week because it was so jam-packed with learning. 

Year 6 children amazed and astounded me with the true grit and determination they showed when approaching their Mock SATs and the wave of support created for them by our staff team was just wonderful. I would like to put a 'shout out' for Mrs McMullen and the Year 6 staff team who have masterminded this massive operation so that it runs smoothly; vital in ensuring that every child feels confident to do their best 👍

Also this week...

  • As reigning Leeds Debating champions we were thrilled to hear that 2 of our teams have made it through to the finals yet again this year. Thank you Miss Fleming and Mr Waddington who have enabled our children to debate at such a high standard. I know they learn so much from this experience.
  • All classes let their imaginations run wild and wrote some fabulousy creative stories for World Book Day. The beginning of every story was written by a Reception class and then passed on to a Year 1 class and so on until reaching a Year 6 class who composed the conclusion. 
  • Adults right across school visited different classes so they could share a story with them which all our children loved.

What a week!