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11th February 2019

The right to a safe space

Last week was filled with magical moments and non more so than the celebration of learning from this years Safe as Houses project. Family assemblies led so confidently by the children of Sandhurst 3 was just one example of how our Harehills Curriculum hooks children in and ensures they want to learn. It was heart warming to see the  safe spaces that had been lovingly created in all classes. I cannot tell you how many children have stopped me to tell me all about their mouse or ask how Herbert the SLT mouse is!

I visited several classes and children were keen to show me where their mouse lives and what they had done to make sure he understands how to keep himself safe. This is cross-curricular learning at its most powerful.

Learning which is full of fun has endless possibilities and I have a feeling we will be talking about this for some time to come 😉