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11th December 2023

Religious celebrations

With Christmas festivities in full swing it is important to remind ourselves that there are other special celebrations taking place at this time of year. Darfield 1 class did just that when they performed a fun-filled, very informative assembly all about the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. The children acted out stories, sang songs, danced and spoke about traditions that take place during the eight day festival.

The symbolic use of light is a common theme across most religions and I know our children found it interesting to be told the significance of the menorah and we compared that to the candles in the advent crown. During this term children will also have learned about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.

Every Monday I am lighting candles on the Advent crown in line with the four Sundays of Advent. This week the candles for Hope and Peace will be shining in my room and the children love to see this.

Looking forward to a very happy week with the children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 performing their Nativity along with a special performance from the Willows children.