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10th October 2022

Celebrating Black History month

October is Black history month and last week Mrs Marshall led our family assemblies. She spoke to the children about famous black people that they already know including, Marcus Rashford, Meghan Markle and Oti Mobuse. The focus of the assembly was then shifted to make the children aware of lesser-known black people who have had significant impact on the world we live in by inventing things such as the amber traffic light, gas masks and potato crisps.

As an EAL team and wider across school, we are committed to ensuring that our curriculum is reflective of the diverse community that we serve and we will be working this year on raising the profile of historical, scientific, mathematical figures and other important people with a BME heritage, throughout our themes.

Mrs Marshall had selected some beautiful books to be given to all classes and she asked that they were shared every day at story time during Black History month.

During the last two weeks, members of our Strategic leadership team have been making lesson visits to all classes and is has been wonderful to observe the high-quality teaching and learning that is happening right across school. Our children are so fortunate to have talented, experienced, and dedicated adults working with them. 🙂