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10th July 2023

Coping with change

Conway 3 delivered a lovely assembly all about coping with change and we are at that point of the year when we can see a whole lot of change ahead. It is sometimes difficult to find ways to manage this. In family assemblies, I mentioned a saying that I think about when faced with what might feel like an overwhelming workload and it is, "you can't eat an elephant all in one go" My advice is - break it into manageable chunks!

I have been doing just that when reading the lovely reports that teachers have written for the children in their class. They really do show that they know each child so well and as a parent I would be thrilled to receive a report like these. I want to thank every member of staff for all the time they have spent on report writing this year.

This week will be transition week in school. On Wednesday every class will meet their new teacher and the adults that will be working with them next school year. They will go to their new classroom to do so. It is an exciting time but also a big change, so I am sure that children and staff will be grateful for the advice given by Conway 3 in their assembly for how to cope with the feelings they may have. There is always someone in school ready to listen to you and to offer support if needed.

We only have 2 weeks and 2 days to go and there are so many fun things timetabled, including, Sports events, Year 6 Leavers performance and Party, trips to Scarborough (Year 2), Ponderosa Zoo (Year 1) and Doncaster Dome (Year 6).

Watch this space for when I report back on all of this. :)