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Growing and Changing Year 4 FAQ

1. What will my child be learning in their Growing and Changing lessons?

Children in year 4 will be learning about the way we grow and change throughout the human life cycle, the physical changes associated with puberty, and the impact of puberty on physical hygiene. They will learn that change is ongoing and individual, consider the physical changes they will go through and think about how important hygiene is, particularly during puberty. They learn that puberty is a natural process that your body goes through as you grow from a child to a teenager and then on to an adult. They do not learn about how a baby is made.


2. Why does my child need to learn about Growing and Changing?

As with other subjects, learning in PSHE is carefully planned to ensure knowledge and skills are built on gradually and in an age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate way. It is important that children learn about their own body and the natural changes they will experience as they go through puberty. Children can reach puberty from 8 onwards (many are doing so) and it is important that they learn about these natural changes before they happen to them. Learning about growing & changing helps to build self-confidence and ensures that school is a safe environment where children can ask questions and have access to the correct information.


3. Will boys and girls be taught separately?

In year 4, children will be taught some Growing and Changing lessons in their normal class setting whilst other lessons will be taught in single-sex groups (feedback from children in the past has indicated that they feel comfortable for the lessons about specific changes for each of the sexes during puberty to be taught in single-sex groups).


4. How can I support my child with this learning at home?

We greatly value our partnership with parents and carers and your role in teaching your child about growing and changing is vital. The lessons on growing & changing can provide an ideal opportunity to start a conversation with your child about growing up: encourage their questions, keep an open mind and provide a listening ear. If you need any help and support with discussing growing and changing with your child, please see the resources section under the personal development tab on the website or contact the school office.


5. How will I know what my child is learning?

Information about the content of the Year 4 Growing & Changing lessons can be found in the letter which was sent home. Please also see information on the website. If you would like to discuss any lessons and/or resources further, please contact the school office to make an appointment. The year 4 lessons were revised in 2019/20 as a result of the hard work and commitment of a staff and parents’ working party (a big thank you to the staff and parents who were involved in this piece of work).


6. Can I withdraw my child from their Growing and Changing lessons?

In line with our Growing & Changing (RSE) policy, which you can find on the school website, If your child is not yet aged 9, you may choose to withdraw your child from lesson 2 and 3 in this unit of work. However, you cannot withdraw your child from other lessons regarding Relationships and Health Education as they form part of the compulsory Science and/or Relationships and Health Education curriculum. This content is statutory (meaning it must be taught by law).

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