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Gallery of Work

A Celebration of who lives in our house

In 2023, Leeds animation workshop based in Bayswater Row asked us to join them once again in an exhibition in October this time at the Thackray Medical Museum. The idea was to extend the previous work on celebrating the back-to-back housing in Harehills by showing who lives in the houses. This time we gave each Year group a different artist to use for their inspirational starting point. EYFS looked at the work by Thomas Struth, Year 1 looked ta Shmuel Shapiro, Year 2 looked at Frida Khalo and Chantal Joff, Year 3 looked at Paula Rego, year 4 looked at Henry Moore, Year 5 looked at Kitaj and Year 6 looked at Picasso. The idea was that children would work in the style of their selected artist. Please click below to look at the amazing pieces of art that our children created.

At the end of the slideshow, there are some pieces of art from a previous project that we collaborated on with Leeds Animation Workshop to showcase the wonderful and unique houses that our children live in. Naturally, we jumped on this opportunity! We gave each Year group a different media to work with. EYFS worked with 3D junk modelling, Year 1 worked with collage, Year 2 worked with pastels and chalks, Year 3 worked with clay, Year 4 worked with watercolours, Year 5 worked with paint and Year 6 used sketching pencils.