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Extra Curricular

Learning from when we wake up

Learning from the time we wake up!

We are incredibly proud of our Rise and Shine Club which includes giving your child a healthy breakfast along with high quality provision at no cost to our families.


Rise and Shine Wordle

Rise and Shine Cub is available to all children; there is a waiting list as it is so popular (currently around 110 children attend daily). If you would like to reserve a place for your child please contact the school office or Janet Haywood (Rise and Shine Manager, and Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead)


Meet the Rise and Shine Club Staff Team

 Rise and Shine Staff Team


Rise and Shine Club days and hours

We are open Monday to Friday from 7:45am to 8:30am. 

Start Time: 07:45 Start time clock
Finish Time: 08:30 Finish time clock


On the menu

The children enjoy a selection of healthy breakfast choices and are encouraged to serve themselves, socialise with friends whilst they eat, and then clear away their dishes. Morning breakfast takes place in our purpose-built kitchen, The Oasis, and replicates as far as possible the atmosphere of a family meal. At the end of breakfast, the children are well fed, happy, and ready for Rise and Shine activities and the day of learning ahead in class. 

Accessing Cereal Toast and Milk


Rise and Shine Club provision…

Our children thoroughly enjoy the different activities planned each day to kick start their learning, well-being and physical development. We offer a wide range of activities suitable for all ages and abilities.

The list of things to do is endless but just to give you a flavour…




Attendance Promise

Boost your Attendance

Come and join us in Rise and Shine so you can be an Attendance H.E.R.O. (Here Every day Ready On time) and help us achieve our school Attendance Target of 96%








Lunchtime and After School Clubs

We are delighted to offer an extensive range of enjoyable and educational extra-curricular clubs and activities that are run by members of our own staff team as well as staff from outside agencies, including Leeds United Foundation and Tutti Frutti (a children’s theatre group based in Harehills). All clubs and activities have been chosen through consultation with the School Council and include sporting and team-based activities, music, art, cooking, computing and gardening clubs. These activities help to enrich the lives of our children and play an important role in the life of our school. As such, we use some of our Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium funding to run the activities. Please see the Pupil Premium Strategy for further details. An example of the clubs on offer is in the table below.

Day Lunchtime After school

Choir (Y3)

Ukulele Club (Y5)

Football Club (Y3/4)

Girls Football (Y5/6)

Getaway Girls (Y6)


Reading Club (Y5)

Computing Club  (Y6)


Tutti Frutti Arts Club (Y1/2)

Cricket Club (Y5/6)


Football Club (Y5/6)

Gymnastics Club (Y2)

Cooking Club (Y1)


Reading Club (Y6)

School Council

Leeds United Football (Y5/6)

Film Club

Dodgeball (Y3/4)

Leeds United Football (Y5)

Cricket Club (Y3/4)


Timestables Rockstars (Y4)

Gardening Club (Y2)

 Netball Club (Y5/6)

In addition to these activities, we also run several Maths and English booster sessions for different year groups which take place during lunchtimes.

All after school clubs run until 4pm, apart from Tutti Frutti Arts Club which runs until 4:30pm and Y2 Gymnastics which runs until 4:15pm. Please make sure children are collected promptly at the end of their club.

Clubs Collage