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Sandhurst 3 Back to School

Hello Sandhurst 3,

It’s not just Miss Vickerman here this week but all of the children from bubble A: Khadijah, Saabirin, Abbas, Yusuf and Mehnaz. We are currently sat in Miss Fleming’s classroom (Luxor 1) working hard on a piece of work, whilst we can hear Mr Khan outside screaming in a silly way with his class as they do PE.

We have enjoyed this week in school. Adam, you would be jealous, as we have a PE lesson EVERYDAY! Mr Lockett has been teaching us to keep fit- our legs are aching. Playtimes have been fun but peculiar because we have to stay 2m apart; we do this in the classroom as well. Some of us have taken a while to get used to it. Not naming any names!! It is takes longer to get ready before break: we all have to wash our hands thoroughly.

The classroom is not how you would remember it. The tables are separated just like in SATs week. We sit on our own which can feel lonely but we still get to chat and we don’t have to share resources. Everybody has their own glue sticks!! Abbas and Yusuf have their own toilets too.

The highlight of our week has to be the newly introduced walkie talkies. My goodness the teachers just love them and can’t stop talking to each other on them. Even when they can see someone in the distance they still use the walkie talkie to communicate. Each teacher has their own walkie talkie and we love eavesdropping and listening to the voices that we can’t see in person at the moment.

Several times a day, Mrs McMullen arrives to say hello through her special window.

If you are in in Bubble B and are returning to school next week, we advise you to wear a jumper and bring a coat. The windows are open all day for ventilation and we spend lots of time outside too!

We have been laughing all week. Yusuf has kept us entertained with his funny self as you all know so well.

Keep safe and we wish you were here. The classroom is a bit like a ghost town without all 28 of us chitter chatting away.


Khadijah, Yusuf, Mehnaz, Abbas, Saabirin, Miss Vickerman and Miss Iqbal