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Autumn Blog

The Sandhursts have been busy beavering away with their theme 'Where in the World' a study that focusses on our local geography before moving onto more world wide observations. All three classes visited Malham, getting close to the source of the River Aire. It's fair to say that Sandhurst 3's visit to Malham was the wettest, although Sandhurst 2 had the endure the horrors of wet shoes too; Mrs Roclawski was pleased with the levels of resilience by her children in spite of their damp toes. Sandhurst 1 remained relatively dry; however their trip was blighted by rumours of a teacher taking Joshua's bag without his permission. When asked for comment, the teacher, who has asked to be unnamed responded, "It is true that I took Joshua's bag but it was an honest mistake." Investigations are ongoing.

A massive thank you to Phil Jackson (Mrs Mann's father) who guided the classes through Malham, sharing his expert geographical knowledge with the children.

Autumn 1 saw each class perform an assembly too. Sandhurst 3 kicked off with an excellent performance for European Day of Languages. There were 14 different UN style leaders representing the 14 different languages spoken in the class. There was a retelling of The Hungry Caterpillar in many different languages starring Filip.

Following that were Sandhurst 1 who introduced Black History Month celebrating many revolutionary black sports stars. Their assembly focussed on the contributions from Jesse Owens, Althea Gibson, and Marlin Briscoe, all of whom overcame the challenges shown to black athletes through dignity and sporting excellence.

The week later, Sandhurst 2 performed an assembly on Mental Health and Well-being. Using the story 'Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?' as a stimulus, the children explained how spreading positivity and happiness can really help mental health and well-being. Mrs Roclawski and Mrs McMullen wanted to pay particular thanks to Jenilson, who at a moment's notice, stepped in to read a significant part of the assembly.

Keep looking at this page for more autumn two events and Mrs Mann's stories about her camper van.