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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Elfords (Year 4) - Terrible Tudors

Hello Year 4!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter and that you are all staying safe and well at home. Your lovely teachers have all been working hard to put together another pack of interesting work for you to complete at home, which you will be getting this week. This includes a project all about the Tudors, as our theme this half-term and next half-term is, “Tudors – terrible or...

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Bexleys (Year 1) - Bexley - Mr Waddington - info on learning packs

Hello again children, parents and carers,

I'd first like to wish all our families who will be celebrating Ramadan later this week a wonderful celebration and an opportunity to reflect on the importance of family through these difficult times. Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to several of our year 1 families and was fascinated to hear stories of family members in the medical...

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Luxors (Year 5) - Luxor 1

Hi Luxor 1, 

This week we were supposed to be back at school for our first week back in the Summer term! Instead, I've spent some time sat out in my garden and started some decorating in my house. I can't wait for us all to be back together soon and hear about what you have been up to! It has been a full month since I last saw you. I wonder if M. Omar is missing the Guinness World Record book...

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Nursery - Nursery- Hello Again

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you have been having fun and staying safe at home.

It feels like such a long time since we have all been at Nursery and we miss you all lots.

We thought we would share what the grown ups in Nursery have been doing during the 'Easter Holidays.'


Miss Mckinney has been enjoying reading lots of books and baking. She made some yummy chocolate brownies.

Miss McKinney...

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Elfords (Year 4) - Wishing we were back together

Hello Elfords!


If we were following the regular school calendar, we would all be reuniting today in our classroom to talk about our 2-week holiday! Unfortunately, we are not together this morning and we will have to wait a little longer to share our stories and learn as a class. What a wonderful day that will be!

Tomorrow, the Year 4 teachers will be going into school to prepare more...

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Bexleys (Year 1) - Bexley3 - week5 - no school

Dear Bexley 3, 

We have not been to school for 30 days now. That is a long time And I miss you very much.  I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine.

Who has been a scientist and noticed all the blossom on trees and the spring flowers? 

All the seeds I have planted at home have started to grow, I wonder what is growing in our school garden?

Miss Trafford said the foxes that live in...

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Elfords (Year 4) - Elford 2 - Week 4 of Lockdown

Hello Everyone!

It's Mrs Sharif here. I hope you and your families are all well during this very strange time. I miss you all so much, and think fondly of all the happy memories we made together in Year 4! All the fun and laughter we had... I'm sure we'll be together not before long, and do what we do best!!!

Adam, Ibby and Eesa are all doing well - I'm sure many of you will want to know...

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Luxors (Year 5) - Luxor 3 - Lockdown week 4

Hello Luxor 3,

I hope you are all safe and in good health.

Its week four of the lockdown, I miss you all so much. I also miss my daily hot chocolate from the vending machine too – although Zara does make delicious hot chocolate!

I wonder what you have been up to this week? Have you been watching Newsround to keep up to date with what is happening during the lockdown? Well done to Captain...

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Luxors (Year 5) - Luxor 2 End of Easter Hols

Hello my amazing Luxor 2s!! Wow, I can't believe how much I'm missing you. 😢 Every time I start a new activity I think how much I'd love to be doing it with you all. We will be having extra fun when we get back. Well, after we have caught up on all the stories we've missed telling each other.

Haven't we been having some lovely weather? ☀️ I hope you've been able to get out...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Darfields - Year 3 Blog

Hi Year 3

We hope that you are all healthy and safe. Just to let you know what we have been up to this week and to give you some ideas. 

Our super athlete, Miss Berry, has been running miles and miles every day and exercising at home. Also she has been gardening and of course doing her favourite job - cleaning!

Mrs Goodlad, our master cook, has even made her own bread. She has also been...

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