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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Sandhursts (Year 6) - Sandhurst 2 (Mr Khan)

Hello Sandhurst 2!

We come to the end of yet another week - a week which would normally have marked the end of an extremely busy half term for us in year 6! We would’ve completed our SATs and would probably be winding down to the Spring Bank holiday next week! It’s been great to hear that most of you have persevered with your learning whilst staying safely at home. Remember what I always say:...

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Sandhursts (Year 6) - Sandhurst 1 - Week Nine!

Hi there Sandhurst 1! Miss Shaw here, not reporting from home this time, but from my desk in our classroom! The classroom definitely looks different to how it did when we were all last here; it’s a little strange to be honest! The year six team have put together a brand new pack of home-learning to be delivered to you this week. I know many of you are still working through your other packs and...

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Luxors (Year 5) - Luxor 1

Hello Luxor 1,

This week would have been the last week of this half term and we would be starting our Spring Bank holiday next week. I have been spending my time getting some fresh air everyday and have been going for a walk in the park near to my house. There is a cafe next to the park selling takeaway chocolate brownies so I have also had one of those everyday! My favourite flavours so far...

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Nursery - Nursery - Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all safe and well at home. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing posts on Tapestry. It has been lovely to see all of the learning that has been taking place at home. We have also enjoyed seeing lots of posts about Ramadan and how the children have been involved. 

As we have have done every week since school has closed to the Nursery Children, the Staff in...

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Ashtons (Reception) - Hello Ashton 2!

Hello Ashon 2! It was wonderful to speak to many of you last week during our wellbeing phonecall. I am so glad you are all keeping safe and enjoying your home learning packs. 

I would firstly like to congratulate all of the children in Ashton 2 who have earnt certificates on Mathletics. 

Bronze certificates:

Mujtaba x 2                     Ibraheem x 6            Qasim x 4               ...

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Ashtons (Reception) - Ashton 1 - Starting a new hobby!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all safe and well. It was so lovely to ring you and your families this week and catch up on what is happening at home. When i'm not working at home or in school I have started baking! This weekend we made a cheese and meat pie, it was delicious and the first time I have ever made a pie. I can't wait to start cooking more, I might even try making my own pastry...

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Bexleys (Year 1) - Year 1 Thursday 14th May

Hello all our wonderful little Bexleys, 

The sun is shining today, which always makes me smile. I have a challenge for you.

Find a piece of paper and something to write with, you could use a sheet from your learning pack.

Now find somewhere to sit and look outside, it could be in your yard, or garden, or look out the window and write a list of all the things you can see 👁 and hear...

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Luxors (Year 5) - Luxor 2 - Week EIGHT!!

Hello my lovely luxor twoers!! I was really happy to get to speak to some of you this week! It makes me so happy to hear your voices. I also get a wonderful update on those who I couldn't speak to this time round. I think I was on the phone with Zaina for almost 25minutes - she was a such a lovely chatterbox! It was good to hear that some of you are still keeping in touch but from a distance...

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Sandhursts (Year 6) - Sandhurst 3

Hello Sandhurst 3! 

Miss Vickerman here! I am writing to you yet again from my living room. It is becoming so normal to type these messages to you as we now enter week 8 of school being shut.

This week, you would have been sitting your SATs exams. It has been a very different week to how we all imagined it would be. I know that you will be applying the same determination that you have shown...

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Elfords (Year 4) - Another update for the Elfords!

Hello Year 4!

It’s been a little while since my last message to you all, but things have been moving pretty slowly around here. I am keeping busy and I was working with the Year 4 teachers last week preparing the Distance Learning Folders you got on Thursday. Remember you can email the Year 4 teachers at if you need any help!

It was amazing to talk to some of...

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