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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Elfords (Year 4) - Viking day Elford 2

The children in Elford 2 had an incredibly exciting and educational Viking experience day today. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to explore the rich history of the Vikings and delve into their fascinating culture.

The children travelled back in time and embraced the Viking era wholeheartedly. They had the chance to dress up as Viking warriors, which not only brought the history lesson...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Darfield 2

We have had a busy start to the year, and everyone has been working extremely hard. We have been reading, acting out and writing the story of Hansel and Gretel.  The children enjoyed writing the next chapter of their own version of Hansel and Gretel. We spent a lovely afternoon baking the witch’s gingerbread house. The children then decorated their gingerbread house with icing and colourful...

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Conways (Year 2) - Cupcakes!

This week Year 2 have been looking at different flavours, designs and colours of cupcakes. Children had the opportunity to taste different types and discussed their likes/dislikes. Children were excited to design their own cupcakes, choosing their preferred flavour of sponge and creating their own design. Next week children will be given the opportunity to bake  and eat their cupcake!

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Sandhursts (Year 6) - Autumn Blog

The Sandhursts have been busy beavering away with their theme 'Where in the World' a study that focusses on our local geography before moving onto more world wide observations. All three classes visited Malham, getting close to the source of the River Aire. It's fair to say that Sandhurst 3's visit to Malham was the wettest, although Sandhurst 2 had the endure the horrors of wet shoes too; Mrs...

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Nursery - Nursery's new outdoor space!

Nursery have had a busy Autumn term and we have been very lucky to have a new outdoor play space. We are really pleased to say that with lots of support the children are settling in well.

This Green Moon have created a wonderful space which consists of a large wooden train, tree stump stepping-stones, a climbing wall and a large hexagonal sandpit.

The train provides opportunity for us to...

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Elfords (Year 4) - Elford 3

Autumn 1 was a very busy half term with lots of new learning, routines and trips! Everyone quickly settled back into class and was eager to learn. Our theme was Rainforests. We learnt lots of geography skills including using maps to locate rainforests around the world. We really enjoyed researching which animals live in the rainforest in our ICT lessons. In maths, we have spent a lot of time...

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Bexleys (Year 1) - Autumn in Bexley 3

Bexley 3 have had a very busy half term. Our topic this half term has been 'animals near'. 
We started the half term off as Scientist, learning to identify, name and label parts of the human body as well as a range of animals including pets. 
We used plasticine to make ourselves as well as pets, learning a range of techniques like rolling, pinching and twisting. 

As Artists we developed our...

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Bexleys (Year 1) - Autumn 1 in Bexley 1

The children decided to create cat toys during their provision time.

We have had a fantastic first half term in Bexley 1 and the children have been very busy. Our topic this half term is 'animals near.' We began by learning about ourselves, our 5 senses and the human body. As arists we created sculptures of ourselves using natural materials and plasticine. We also completed charcoal...

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