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Nursery's new outdoor space!

Nursery have had a busy Autumn term and we have been very lucky to have a new outdoor play space. We are really pleased to say that with lots of support the children are settling in well.

This Green Moon have created a wonderful space which consists of a large wooden train, tree stump stepping-stones, a climbing wall and a large hexagonal sandpit.

The train provides opportunity for us to develop our imagination by role playing going on a train journey. New language is introduced to the children and we have found the train to be beneficial in supporting children to build relationships.

We can also develop our physical skills by balancing on the wooden beams and stepping-stones.

The climbing wall is a great addition to any early years environment as it will help to build gross motor skills and develop strong shoulders, arms and core muscles. This is incredibly important, before children can hold a pencil for writing they need to have strong arms, wrists, hands and fingers. Which is why these opportunities for physical development are essential in nursery.

The sand pit provides us with a chance to be social and learn about sharing and taking turns. In the sand we will also think about how heavy and full containers are.

Our new outdoor space is very popular with the children!