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Hello Again

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are safe and well and managed to enjoy the sunshine before it went away!

Thank you to everyone that has continued to check Tapestry regularly and share posts on a weekly basis.

It is really lovely to see you all taking part in our 'Weekly Learning Challenges' and seeing what you have been up to at home. 

Can we just remind you all again that there are lots of Learning opportunities posted on Tapestry for the Nursery children, so it is really important that you check on a regular basis. 


Miss McKinney also wanted to share a picture of her planting, which she did a few weeks ago. She has been looking after the plants, so they have grown!

Do you know what plants need to grow? Can you talk to a grown up or older sibling about what you know about plants and how they grow?

Have you ever planted a seed or plant?

We would love to see pictures on Tapestry of any planting you might have done at home. 

Stay safe, We Miss You All,

From the Nursery Team x