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Year 5 - Luxor 1

Hi Luxor 1, 

Mrs Fleming here! I hope that you are all well and that you are getting on ok. I have been keeping busy at home doing lots of house work and clearing up my garden. It’s still very strange for me to not be coming in to Harehills everyday and seeing you lot sitting in front of me. I miss your smiles, the silly things that you come out with that have the whole class laughing, your amazing enthusiasm and your thirst to learn more! I know that many of you have been completing the booklets that we sent home with you - keep going with these, they will keep you busy. Remember, this is also a perfect time to learn new skills at home. I know that some of you have been helping out with the cooking, making cups of tea, cleaning the car, and I bet most of your parents have made you help out with the housework! 

If you are looking for more things to keep you busy, you can go onto the educational links that Ben has put up under the ‘Families’ tab.

You can also go onto Pobble 365 to complete some of the activities on there. 

We were supposed to start Ancient Greeks after the Easter holidays so you may want to do some research about that. You could use to help you with this or Espresso (in the links)

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to these children who have been working hard on Mathletics and have achieved awards:

Bronze Award




Hiba H


Hiba N

Silver Award




Well done to you all :) 

I will check again next week to see if any more awards have been achieved and will update the blog again! If you want to ask any questions or post any pictures showing what you have been getting up to you can post onto the Pupil Voice section of the website or email 

Remember to keep safe and keep indoors