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Luxor 3 - Lockdown week 2 - Mrs Sharif

Hello Luxor 3, 

I hope you are all safe and in good health. I will be writing to you every week, setting out some focus learning and keeping in contact with you.

I have kept myself busy with den building, painting, cooking, story writing, spring cleaning, movie watching (we finally got the chance to watch Frozen 2!) and reading. What have you been doing to keep yourself busy? Why dont you keep a diary? You can share it with all of us when lockdown is finally over! Zara keeps a diary, she thinks she could become famous with it, like Anne Frank during WW2!

Have you tried P.E With Joe Wicks at 9am? search for him in YouTube and have a go, try and get your family involved too!

Hope you are working through your home-learning packs, kindly delivered to you by our pastoral team. Thank you! 


Well done to the following children for achieving a bronze certificate on Mathletics: Sariya, Saim, Fatima, Aisha and Reehan. Fatima is in the lead with over 3000 points! Wow! :) 

I will be checking every week. Try the activities I have set for you too! This is updated regularly.


Remember to keep reading 20 minutes everyday. Libraries are all closed but you can still access hundreds of free e-books online-the link is in your home-learning pack.


Write a diary entry everyday, include; how you are feeling; activities you have done; games you have played; food you have ate, etc. Try and do some writing activities on Pobble 365 - you can upload your entries!


Research the life cycle of a frog - create a poster.


Each week, I will give you a county to focus on. Find out the capital city, flag, population, where it is located (continent), famous people, language spoken, traditional food(why dont you try cooking some with your family, if you have the ingredients at home!) rivers, famous landmarks, mountains/rivers, currency used etc. Create a poster/factfile/leaflet about the country - I will display them!

This weeks focus country is - Italy


We would have been learning about Ancient Greece. Can you use the BBC KS2 Bitesize website to answer the following question 'How did the ancient Greeks change the world?


Convert Nouns or Adjectives into Verbs Using the Suffix -ify











Find the definition of these words and write them in a sentence – remember the handwriting technique you were taught by Mrs McMullen.


Read the Easter story. Re-write it from memory and read it to your family.


Why don’t you lead a mindfulness session with your family, pretend your Mrs McMullen!


Keep up to date with what is happening by watching Newsround, make sure you listen to the important advice given by the government! Also, keep reading Mrs Summerfields update on the headteachers Headlines tab, lots of useful updates and advice given there too!

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Sharif, Mrs Aslam and Mrs McMullen!