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Luxor 2 - Still missing you!

Hi Luxor 2,

How are you all? I hope you have been keeping busy. I have been in school supporting the Year 6 bubbles. It has been so different having children in school and not being able to see you. School is very different to how it was when you left - everyone is social distancing and keeping safe. The children are loving 'PE with Mr Lockett' - I will ask him to share some of his exercises with you when you return.

I was very disappointed that the lovely hot weather changed. Chris has still been dragging me on bike rides and walks though (in the rain!). James has gone back to school and he is in a small Key Worker Bubble - he is enjoying it but says it is hard at playtime because they can't share the equipment. It was really nice to go and sit in my dads garden at the weekend. I miss seeing some of my friends and family. Have you managed to visit anyone in their garden?

You wouldn't believe it - I have still not been in a shop since lockdown began! I've been sending Chris to do the weekly shopping - he is not happy about it but it means he gets to choose the chocolate and he never picks double deckers!

I hope that you keep being safe and that if you ever need me you can always contact school - I had a wonderful chat with Anabia the other week when she called! It brightened my week as did the amazing letters I received from Hamza, Zaina and Marvellous.

Speak soon - Love Mrs Mann :)