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Happy February Elfords! – 9th February 2021

I can’t believe a month of lockdown has come and gone! It’s been such a strange time and it feels like ages since we’ve seen each other. Luckily, many of us have been able to join our class meetings on Zoom! It is wonderful to discuss the work with you and to be able to answer your questions! Remember; if you want to share any of your work with me or ask a question, please email: You can take a picture of whichever sheet you’re working on and I can send you feedback!

It has also been wonderful to hear what you are all doing to fill your time at home! It made me smile when many of you shared building snowmen after the snowstorm last week! I love the snow and I’m glad you were able to enjoy it. In my free time, I have been going for walks, baking and I managed to finish another puzzle!

I hope to see you all soon in person and on Zoom!
Mrs Methven