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Elford 3

Autumn 1 was a very busy half term with lots of new learning, routines and trips! Everyone quickly settled back into class and was eager to learn. Our theme was Rainforests. We learnt lots of geography skills including using maps to locate rainforests around the world. We really enjoyed researching which animals live in the rainforest in our ICT lessons. In maths, we have spent a lot of time really understanding our base 10 number system and in particular the value of each digit within a number. We have started to learn to play the ukelele and at the end of the half term played out first full song. Swimming has been great fun and everyone is really trying their best to learn the different strokes. We have had a few great trips; to Harehills Park to collect seeds; the Shine Building to watch a play; and Roundhay Park to visit tropical world and draw a map.