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Elford 3 - Elford 3 – The Amazing Rainforest

The students in Elford 3 had an amazing first half-term! They worked extremely hard and have adjusted to all the writing and independent work in Year 4!

The rainforest topic was a lot of fun! The students seemed most excited about the animals that lived there, especially the dangerous ones! Overtime the students seemed to understand how important all living things (including plants) are in...

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Elford 3 - Our learning this term

This term has been amazing!

As part of our theme, we learnt about natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.

The devastating earthquake that struck Harehills was a horrible experience for those who were in the building at the time. As part of our writing, we wrote a newspaper report about the horrible incident that occurred at the time.

We also had the chance to make...

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Elford 3 - Spring

We have now been back at school several weeks and the children are already immersed in our Natural Disasters theme.

We have learnt all about the causes and impact of tornados, earthquakes and Tsunamis. In addition to this we will learn about hurricanes, volcanoes and sandstorms in the coming weeks.

The children used brilliant investigation skills and have produced fantastic newspaper...

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