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Darfield 3

We have had a busy and exciting start to Year 3, learning all about Germany. We looked at maps, had a German cafe experience and read the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale - Hansel and Gretel.

Next, we designed and made our own gingerbread houses, researching what they should look like, thinking about what materials we would need to make them, and drawing how we would decorate them. We then worked in groups to make our gingerbread, with everyone having a chance to pour in ingredients, crack eggs, mix wet ingredients into dry, form a dough and finally roll our gingerbread out. While things did get a little messy, it was great fun and the gingerbread was absolutely delicious!

We spent some time decorating with lots of delicious, sweet treats, and all the adults in Darfield 3 were really proud of how hard the children had worked and how brilliantly the bake had turned out. Perhaps in a few years, we'll see some familiar faces on the Great British Bake Off!