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Darfields (Year 3) - Darfield 1 - The Mammoth

Darfield 1 have been learning a poem all about the Stone Age and how hunter gatherers found food. As well as learning each part, the children also created actions and thought about their expression.

Check out their final performance which is just brilliant!

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Darfields (Year 3) - Hello Year 3

Hi guys! Hope you're all ok and keeping safe? It's lovely to see your smiling faces on zoom. If you have trouble logging on, please email and we can try and sort it out. 

We know the weather hasn't been great recently but hopefully you've managed to get for a walk, some exercise or even just a bit of fresh air. Mrs Goodlad tries to get out every day to see her...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Home Learning Challenge

Hi Year 3!
we hope that you are all keeping safe and have started your home learning pack. For all of you who have been getting on, we have prepared an extra challenge for you below. Enjoy and good luck.

Prehistory Quiz

Test your knowledge in this exciting quiz using what you have learned in your home Learning pack.

  1. Name three things hunter gatherers searched for when they looked for...
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Darfields (Year 3) - Hello from Year 3

Hello Darfields!

Well, we're back in lockdown again which is a shame after such an amazing start to year 3. All of you have been working so hard since coming back to school to make amazing progress with your learning and is sad that we can't be in school now. But, don't worry, we have sent out a new home learning pack for you all this morning which has loads of fun activities to keep you all...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Hi Year 3 and Weekly Quiz

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok? I can't believe another week has gone by. We're really missing seeing all your lovely, smiley faces. We hope you've made some time each day to do some work fro your packs. We will be back in school next week prepring your next packs so please try and finish your pack by next Friday. It will keep you busy and your brains active. This week, we've been thinking...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Year 3 - Darfields

It was lovely to speak to some of you this weeks. I know that both myself, Mrs Goodlad and Mrs Taylor loved hearing that you are all keeping safe and finding time to get some fresh air, whether it’s in the garden or on a walk. We’re also really pleased that you’ve been working through your home learning packs. The new ones should have arrived by now so for those who had finished, there is...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Year 3 - Weekly Quiz

Hi everyone, we hope you enjoyed last week's quz and it got you thinking. This week's quiz is below:

1. What is the capital city of Germany?

2. Which came first: the Stone Age, the Iron Age or the Bronze Age?

3. How many days are there in a normal year

4. Can you name 4 planets in our solar system?

5. Jan is 25 years old, her brother is 12 years younger, how old is Jan's brother?

6. Who...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Darfields - Year 3 Blog

Hi Year 3

We hope that you are all healthy and safe. Just to let you know what we have been up to this week and to give you some ideas. 

Our super athlete, Miss Berry, has been running miles and miles every day and exercising at home. Also she has been gardening and of course doing her favourite job - cleaning!

Mrs Goodlad, our master cook, has even made her own bread. She has also been...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Year 3 - Weekly Quiz

Hi everyone,


As well as our weekly update blog we thought you might like a quiz to keep you thinking so have a go at this weeks alphabet one. We hope you enjoy it.

1. A common garden insect. a
2. A yellow fruit. b
3. A building where movies are shown. c
4. Creatures that lived millions of years ago. d

5. Birds lay these. e

6. 11 minus 7 = f
7. The colour of grass. g
8. You wear this on...

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Darfields (Year 3) - Hi Darfields - Year 3

Hello everyone,

Your lovely teachers, Miss Berry, Mrs Goodlad and Mrs Taylor here with a little hello and update. We can't believe how different things are at the moment but we are slowly getting used to it and doing everything we can to keep ourselves and everyone safe. Mrs Taylor has found over 500 different ways to get to her local park for her daily exercise! Miss Berry can now lift her...

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