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Bexley 2 - Mr Waddington 1st April 2020

Good morning Bexley 2.


The last two weeks have been very different from what we are used to. I hope whatever it is you're doing, you and your family are safe and well. I am doing very well although I'd much rather be in Bexley 2 playing Stickman and passing Malcolm around the room.


Now Bexley 2, don't think that just because I am at home that I can't still set challenges for you, I certainly can and will. See how many of these challenges you can do this week:

1) Teach someone the actions to the Stickman game - but only if it is safe to do so. If your brother or sister has been in my class before they will have played a very similar game.

2) Do 'Rubber Chicken' three times a day. Teach someone how to do it if it is safe to do so.

3) Read some of the books on ActiveLearn. I won't mention names but there is one girl who has read 18 books already.

I will be reallocating books on Active Learn shortly.


Take care and stay safe.


Mr A Waddington