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Autumn in Bexley 3

Bexley 3 have had a very busy half term. Our topic this half term has been 'animals near'. 
We started the half term off as Scientist, learning to identify, name and label parts of the human body as well as a range of animals including pets. 
We used plasticine to make ourselves as well as pets, learning a range of techniques like rolling, pinching and twisting. 

As Artists we developed our collaging skills, by learning how to tear and overlap. We also experimented with colours, working with primary colours moving towards predicting colours. We also experimented with shading techniques using special charcoal pencils. We used these techniques to create drawings of the people who we live with.

As Technologists we created moving pet pictures and learnt how to independently use a hole puncher and attach parts together using split pins. 

We had lots of fun on 'Hello Yellow' day, we used the ipad to take funny pictures of our friends in the photo booth. 

Through our key text - "Not That Pet!" we thought about how we could help Mabel and others who may be wanting to get a pet. We decided to create posters to inform others about the different animals. The children planned which pet they wanted to write about, before using their plans to create their poster.

As Mathematicians, we have been focusing on the composition of 5 and how we can partition a number in different ways. We have also used key vocabulary to compare and describe weight, height and distance.