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Attendance At Harehills

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At Harehills Primary we know the impact regular attendance has on your child’s learning and well-being; and that having good attendance is directly linked to raising achievement and develops skills for life and work. We have many initiatives to celebrate and support attendance in school and ask that parents/careers support the school in this by ensuring that your child attends school every day and arrives ready to learn and on time. Start time is 8.50am for years F1 –Y3 and 8.45am for Y4-Y6.

We encourage all children to keep our three Attendance Promises: 

  1. 1. I will try my best to come to school every day.
  2. 2. I will try my best to arrive on time every day.
  3. 3. I will try my best to be prepared for school every day.

We ask our children to be an Attendance H.E.R.O. (Here Every day Ready On time) and help us achieve our school Attendance Target of…

Attendance Thermometer


Attendance Matters

Primary national pupil attendance is around 96%. This means that a child needs to attend school for at least 182 out of 190 days to meet national expectations.

Be an Attendance H.E.R.O. 

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Attendance Handbook

The Attendance Team have produced a handbook full of relevant information regarding Attendance at Harehills Primary School.

  Attendance Procedures
Attendance Procedures Handbook