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Attendance - Punctuality

Clock showing 8-50am

School starts at 8:50am - Arrive on time every day

 Early Bird Award

It is very important that all children arrive to school at 8.50am every day. If your child arrives after 9am they are late and will not be able to come into school via their usual morning entrance. You should make your way to the main school entrance with your child where a Learning Mentor will greet you and mark your child’s attendance.

Please note that if your child arrives to school later than 9.30am, we are required to mark them as ‘absent late’ (which is not an authorised absence) for that half day session.

If your child is regularly late, you will be asked to accompany your child to the classroom along with the Learning Mentor, and to attend a meeting to discuss how punctuality can be improved.


Did you know…?

Minutes late per dayNumber of days of learning
lost over a year
5 minutes 3.4 days
10 minutes 6.9 days
15 minutes 10.3 days
20 minutes 13.8 days
30 minutes 20.7 days


Be an Early Bird and come to our Rise & Shine Breakfast Club every morning before school…


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