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As a school, we are going to stop bullying.
Bullying is defined as being:

Everyone at Harehills Primary School has the right to feel welcome, safe and happy.  We want our children to say they feel “free from bullying.”

At Harehills Primary School we are committed to ensuring that all pupils learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied. Our school is a place where every person has the right to be themselves, to be included and to learn.


What is Bullying?

Bullying is hurtful or unkind behaviour which is deliberate and repeated. Bullying can be carried out by an individual or a group of people towards an individual or group. The STOP acronym can be applied to define bullying – Several Times On Purpose. 

No form of bullying will be tolerated and all incidents will be taken seriously.


Bullying can take different forms and it is important that we know these:
Physical - touching somebody in an unkind way for example, punching, kicking
Emotional - hurting other peoples feelings and leaving someone out on purpose.
Racial - calling somebody names because of the colour of their skin.
Cyber - saying unkind things by instant messages, social media and texts.
Verbal - being teased or called names you do not like.


How to spot if someone is being bullied

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Pupils who are being bullied may show changes in behaviour, such as becoming shy and nervous, feigning illness, taking unusual absences or clinging to adults. Adults should be aware of these possible signs and investigate further if they feel a child is being bullied.
Sometimes they may not want you to know that they are being bullied but you can see that they are being bullied because of how they look.
Do they look sad? Worried? Upset?


Worry boxes

If you are worried about something yourself or worried for a friend, you can write your problem down in your class worry box or post a message on the Worry Wall on this website.


Find out more

If you want to find out more please click below to see our Harehills Primary School Anti Bullying Policy, Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy and useful websites to support parents and children with Bullying.


Anti-Bullying Policy-Adults Anti-Bullying Policy-Adults
Anti-Bullying Policy Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy 




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Internet safety


Anti Bullying Week at Harehills Primary

Every year we celebrate Anti Bullying week at Harehills Primary School.

Anti-bullying Week 2018-19

In 2018-2019 we celebrated “Choose Respect” as the Anti-Bullying theme. Each year group received a copy of the book Beegu and were asked to explore Beegu as a character.

BEEGU and Sock Puppets

Beegu is a character who promotes Celebrating Difference, respecting difference, supporting others, problem solving and finding ways to help yourself. Each class then created a sock puppets to support their Anti-Bullying work.


In 2019-2020 we celebrated the theme “Change starts with us.” 

Anti-bullying week 19-20

This year each class from Reception up to Year 6 were asked to create “change starts with us” pledges. Some classes created a whole class pledge whilst others created individual pledges from all of the children.

Here are some examples of the Key Stage 2 children's pledges.

Anti-bullying Pledges 2019-20

This is Ashton 2's (Reception) Pledge

Ashton 2s Anti-bullying pledge



We are passionate about keeping the children and families of Harehills Primary School safe.

Each Spring Term we celebrate the “Safe as Houses” project within school. This project encourages children to understand safe and unsafe situations and relationships.

Litte Mouse Finds a Safe Place book cover

In 2018-2019 each class was given a copy of the book “Little Mouse finds a safe place”. The book explores safe and unsafe situations and relationships and encourages children to think about safe and unsafe choices.

Each class was then given a mouse and asked to create a safe space for them using what they had learnt.


We have our own Safe as Houses song Power of One which was written with the children during a session with Danny from ClassDynamix.

You can see the video from 2018 where the whole school and community got inolved here: