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Aims and Ethos

Our Ethos is built around our motto 'Learn, laugh, love'

Governors, staff, children and parents work together to:
  • - create a vibrant and happy school
  • - promote self-esteem
  • - celebrate achievements
  • - recognise strengths and celebrate diversity
  • - learn from our mistakes
  • - trust one another
  • - challenge and support each other
  • - set high expectations for success
  • - embrace creativity
  • - promote positive behaviours towards one another



To enjoy and achieve excellence:

  • set high standards
  • plan for learning
  • provide a broad, balanced, relevant and inclusive curriculum
  • ensure that we provide the best teaching and learning resources
  • promote stimulating learning environments
  • engage our learners
  • make learning fun
  • ensure excellent teaching and learning
  • actively involve children and families in their learning
  • promote a well behaved school.

To support the vulnerable:

  • include all
  • recognise and support children for whom learning is a challenge
  • involve outside agencies as and when necessary
  • keep concise and updated records
  • establish effective and supportive home school links
  • follow the Leeds agreed Child Protection Policy, procedures and protocols
  • effectively promote appropriate behaviour towards one another
  • endeavour to include the most challenging child

To create a ‘healthy school’:

  • promote health for all
  • embrace the Leeds Healthy School Agenda
  • nurture children’s social, emotional and mental health
  • promote physical health and healthy lifestyles
  • engage families in health and healthy living issues
  • have concern for the health and well being of our staff members.

Ensure high standards of safety:

  • care for and protect all
  • provide a safe environment
  • promote keeping ourselves safe
  • follow the agreed policies and procedures regarding educational visits and safety at work.

To prepare for life-long learning:

  • ensure access for all
  • develop ICT skills which set the foundations for future learning
  • ensure staff have access to training
  • provide opportunities for parents to develop skills.


Privacy Notices

Harehills Primary School is the Data Controller of the personal information you provide to us. This means thes school determines the purposes for which, and the manner in which, any personal data relating to pupils and their families is to be processed. The Headteacher acts as a representative for the school with regard to its data responsibilities.

Harehills Primary School has a Data Protection Officer who works in the local cluster of schools. His name is Richard Lewis-Ogden and he can be contacted at

These privacy notices tell you what to expect us to do with your personal information when you make contact with us.