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Young Voices 2020

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Here are the song lyrics and dance moves you will need to learn if you come to the after school Young Voices club every Thursday (3.15-4.15pm) and/or if you are considering attending the Young Voices event at Sheffield arena.

Enjoy learning them with your family and friends.  As always, it's an amazing mix of songs and dances!


2020 Song Lyrics

Young Voices 2020 Lyrics




1 Best of the West


2 You'll Be In My Heart


3 Ode To Joy


4 Kusimama full


5 Kusimama Part 1


6 Kusimama Part 2


7 Frightfest


8 Larger Than Life


9 Shiny Happy People


10 Queen Medley


11 I Couldn't Do This Without You


12 A Thousand Hallelujahs


13 Somebody to Love


14 Pop Medley 2020


Dance Videos

Larger than Life Full Run

Larger than Life Breakdown 1

Larger than Life Breakdown 2

Kusimama Full Run

Kusimana Breakdown 1

Kusimana Breakdown 2

Kusimana Breakdown 3

Frightfest Full Run

Frightfest Breakdown 1

Frightfest Breakdown 2

Frightfest Breakdown 3

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