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Our mental health and wellbeing, and knowing how to look after it, is important at any time but is especially important in the current situation.

It is perfectly normal to experience a wide range of emotions when faced with the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings. Indeed, many people report positive feelings as well as negative feelings associated with the pandemic and restrictions such as lockdown, and it is likely that many people will experience different feelings at different times. Whatever you are feeling, it is important to remember that you're not alone 🙂.

There is a wealth of support available for our mental health and wellbeing and this area of the website is dedicated to giving everyone a helping hand to find the support they need.

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Please take the time to explore the areas below where you can find further information and support for your own and others' mental health and wellbeing. Click on a helping hand to find out more.



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Wellbeing wall

Click above for our Wellbeing Wall - An exciting space where our school community can share tips and advice on what helps them with their wellbeing 😊.