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School Policies

Admissions Policy

As Harehills Primary School is a Community School we follow the Local Authority Admissions Policy.


Anti Bullying Policy

Everyone at Harehills Primary School has the right to feel welcome, safe and happy. We want our children to be able to say they feel “free from bullying.”


Attendance Policy

At Harehills Primary School we are striving to ensure that all children receive the best possible education. In order to achieve this it is vital that your child attends school EVERY DAY.


C.H.E.S.S. Learning and Teaching Policy

As Harehills Primary School is part of the C.H.E.S.S. cluster of schools we follow the cluster learning and teaching policy. The policy aims to ensure consistently good and better practice across all cluster settings, leading to accelerated progress and attainment, by sharing good and outstanding practice.


Child Protection Policy

Harehills Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its pupils. We believe all staff have an important and unique role to play in child protection.

We believe:

  • Schools can contribute to the prevention of abuse.
  • All children have the right to be protected from harm.
  • Children need support which matches their individual needs including those who may have experienced abuse.
  • Children need to be safe and feel safe in school.


Relationships Policy

At Harehills Primary School effective Relationships are built on the core values of:

Respect, Consideration, Honesty and Kindness


All staff and pupils have high expectations of behaviour and it is an expectation that staff will be role models for children. Adults help all children to understand and maintain our core values by providing opportunities to learn about their actions, both positive and negative, on others and the relationships to which they belong.

Relationships can be challenging but as a school committed to Restorative Practice we aim to enable both staff, children and their families to resolve their own conflicts restoratively.


SEND Policy

Our school has an inclusive ethos and works in partnership with children, parents and other agencies to provide the best possible education outcomes for all. At Harehills Primary School we strongly believe that all children are individuals and are entitled to receive a rich, varied and relevant learning experience. We have high expectations of all our children and put support in place at the earliest possible stage where needed. All teachers teach students with special educational needs and disabilities, as a result we foster a whole school approach to SEND. We actively seek to remove barriers to learning and participation; fostering and nurturing a positive approach to meeting the diverse needs of each individual regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, attainment level or background.

Our school philosophy is one of caring and sharing and in no area is this more important than in the attention we give to our children who have special needs.