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School Council Minutes 21.9.17


Learning about the money we spend.

This week we talked more about the money that we spend in school and how much the resources we use cost. We decided to look at a YPO catalogue as this is where most of our resources are ordered from. We calculated how much it would be to buy pencils, rubbers and rulers for all the children in the school. We were very shocked to find out how much everything costs! We then wanted to find out how much the larger pieces of furniture cost. After discovering that one chair is worth £20 we were concerned that the children in our school weren’t looking after them correctly. To understand how much the children in our school know about how much things cost we have decided to conduct a survey. We plan to ask the children in our class how much objects cost and record the answers with a tally chart.

We can’t wait to help the school save money!

 -  Harehills School Councillors