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Beginning our School Year! 14.9.17

We are very excited to be back at School Council this week. We have two new members in our council, Simra and Sairah. It was lovely to meet them and listen to their ideas! Today Miss Berry our Teacher Governor came to see us and we got to ask her lots of questions about her role and learn more about her. We were very intrigued to find out what a governor was. Miss Berry told us that a governor is someone who looks at learning and what is happening around school. governors also make sure that the children at school are making good progress. Abdul-Moeez asked about how Miss Berry became a governor and she told us her and another teacher had to make speeches about why they would make good governors and the teachers got to vote. Zahra asked how many governors were there altogether? Miss Berry said there were six governors. The councillors went home full of excitement about what they had just learnt! They told us they were going to research more about the governors using our school website.

- Harehills School Councillors