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School Council

The school council is made up of pupils from across the school who meet regularly to talk about any problems you might have in school. With the help of teachers and school staff they aim to find solutions to these problems to help support your learning in school.

School Council - School council minutes - October

This month we have made some exciting decisions. We have been carefully read all your applications and have decided on two school councillors from each class – one to attend meetings and one reserve. The reserve councillor will be there to take the first councillors place if they are ill or can no longer attend. This means that your class will not miss out on any information or decisions made...

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School Council - School council minutes - September

A big welcome back to school from your councillors! This month we have been settling back into our roles. We are excited to choose new school councillors to our existing team and will soon be handing out application forms. If you are interested in becoming a school councillor, then please ask your teacher for a form. We will read through all of them and make a decision on who we would like to...

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School Council - Minutes - March 2018

This month has been one filled with snow! Unfortunately we have not been able to have as many meetings due to school being closed.

We have however found time to begin a new project. Send my friend to school has been something we are involved with each year and gives children the opportunity to learn about education in other parts of the world. This year the project has chosen to focus on the...

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