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Squid Game - What parents need to know

You may have heard of a program called Squid Game which is currently being shown on Netflix. Despite the programme's 15 age rating, clips and images from the programme are being uploaded onto social media sites such as TikTok. There have been reports of children who have accounts on these platforms inadvertently viewing gory, explicit scenes from the programme, and parents and carers should be mindful of the prevalence of these uploads.

As a parent or carer, we recommend you keep a watchful eye on the content that your children are viewing. Speak to them openly and chat about how they have been spending time on their devices; let them ask questions, too. Ensure that the parental controls are activated on your child's device and that age-restricted child profiles are properly set up any on-demand services available through the family TV (such as Netflix, in this case) to prevent inappropriate content being streamed.

You can find out more about how to setup parental controls on Netflix here.

For more advice about Squid Game and the risks to children please see this article from National Online Safety.