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Monday March 8th is welcome back to school day 😊

The Harehills Primary school staff team are all really excited about fully opening school again and welcoming back all children on Monday 8th March.

I want to re-assure you that we continue to take every measure we can to keep you, your child and our staff safe.

The children will still work in class bubbles. One class bubble will not mix with another wherever possible and lunchtime spaces and playgrounds will remain in zones to allow this to happen.

Start and finish times and entrances and exits points will remain the same as in December 2020.


Start and finish times and entrances & exits

Please ensure your child arrives and leaves on time to help keep us all safe. It is important that you social distance outside of school.

We ask that only 1 family member wearing a face covering (unless exempt) brings your child to school/collects them.

YEAR 6 start: 8.30am finish: 2.45pm
entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 5 start: 8.30am finish: 2.45pm
entrance & exit: car park gate (Darfield Road)

YEAR 4 start: 8.30am finish: 2.45pm
entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 3 start: 8.45am finish: 3.00pm
entrance & exit: small back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 2 start: 8.45am finish: 3.00pm
entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 1 start: 8.45am finish: 2.55pm
entrance & exit: Bexley 1 back gate Bexley 2&3 front gate

RECEPTION start: 8.55am finish: 3.05pm
entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

NURSERY 8.45am - 11.30am (morning session)
12.30pm - 3.15pm (afternoon session)
entrance & exit: front gate


What does my child need to wear/bring?

Children need to come in school uniform. They can come in PE kits on the day they have PE. All children need to bring their own water bottle.

Current government guidance says Primary school children do not need to wear a mask when in school.

Please contact the office if you have questions/concerns about the arrangements who will answer your query or get a member of the year group team to give you a call to discuss this with you.

Thank you for working with us and showing such patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are very grateful for all you have done to help your child to continue to learn at home.

We will make sure we support your child to settle back into school again as quickly as possible.

See you soon,

Mrs Summerfield