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Harehills Primary School featured in The Parliamentary Review

Mrs Summerfield and Mrs Lee went down to London on Monday 1st October to attend a Gala Celebration evening to mark the launch of The Parliamentary Review. We are proud to announce that Harehills Primary School feature in the Primary Education Yorkshire and Humber regional version of this publication.

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You can view Harehills Primary School's article via the link below.

Featuring exclusive commentary from a range of esteemed politicians and journalists, The Parliamentary Review aims to share the insight of businesses, educators and policymakers alike. Founded with The Rt Hon David Curry as chief editor, and chaired by Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, the Review provides a unique take on the UK economy by working with a range of organisations across a vast array of industry sectors. After a year of progress for the education sector, The Parliamentary Review outlines areas of excellence and relevant issues for teachers, communities and policymakers alike.

Executive director of The Review, Daniel Yossman has said that in "bringing together the prime minister, leading politicians, and leaders of every sector of the British economy The Parliamentary Review continues to provide an exceptionally well rounded and astute look at what is happening across the country."

Mrs Summerfield and Mrs Lee enjoyed the evening which took place in The Banking Hall and met the two speakers Ed Balls and George Osbourne.

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