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Harehills Children in Fine Voice Again

“I’m doing it again next year ...DEFFO. It was incredible!”
That’s just one of the comments from one of our 43 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 who took to the Young Voices stage at Sheffield Arena last week. 

Young Voices logo

Seeing our children put so much energy and enthusiasm into performing after all their hard work was an incredible sight to see. So uplifting. We all sang and danced the evening away to, as always, an amazing repertoire of songs.

Our Harehills favourites were: ‘Africa’, where we recreate a tropical rainstorm and sing the explosive chorus of ‘Gonna Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You’, ‘Pop Medley’, a mix of songs from stars including Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran, and ‘Hakuna Matata (Jambo Bwana) ’ a song, partly in Swahili, inviting us to groove to the wonderful mantra of “We have no worries”.

Guest artists ‘on tour’ with Young Voices this year were soul-jazz singer, Natalie Williams, along with a capella stars, The Magnets and 16 year old star newcomer, Alfie Sheard. We learnt the chorus for some of their songs and so enjoyed the buzz of singing with live musicians who have already hit the spotlight.

A coach full of wide eyed, happy, tired children returned to school that evening, proudly wearing their own carefully designed T Shirts and holding their tiny Young Voices torches. “Yay, I get to keep another one,” cried a regular YV concert-goer!

Not only did we perform at Sheffield Arena we appeared again at our very own HPS arena (the hall!), this time joined by 25 more children who regularly come to choir.  

Many, many thanks from Mrs Jack to all the adults and children who, for the third year running, made this such a memorable experience.