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Football's coming home...

Euro 2020 logo

The delayed 2020 European Football Championship is coming home, both to England and to Harehills. Each class, along with the office team and our SLT have randomly selected a team to support and follow over the forthcoming tournament. Classes across the school have been sampling the culture, learning facts and even some of the language of their respective teams.

Assistant head teachers have been regularly updating children with the results from all the games. As the tournament progresses, rivalries will get more intense.

Whose team will win?

Which country will lift the Coupe Henri Delauna trophy at Wembley on the 11th July?

There can only be one winner.


Here's the list of teams and classes...

Nursery France  France
Ashton 1 Slovakia  Slovakia
Ashton 2 Poland   Poland
Ashton 3 Netherlands   Netherlands
Bexley 1 Finland   Finland
Bexley 2  Scotland   Scotland
Bexley 3  Italy   Italy
Conway 1  Austria   Austria
Conway 2  England   England
Conway 3  Turkey   Turkey
Darfield 1 Croatia  Croatia
Darfield 2 Russia  Russia
Darfield 3 Switzerland  Switzerland
Elford 1 Belgium  Belgium
Elford 2 North Macedonia  North Macedonia
Elford 3 Czech Republic  Czech Republic
Luxor 1 Portugal  Spain
Luxor 2 Spain  Spain
Luxor 3 Hungary  Hungary
Sandhurst 1 Germany  Germany
Sandhurst 2 Ukraine  Ukraine
Sandhurst 3 Sweden  Sweden
SLT Wales  Wales
Office and Hub Denmark  Denmark