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Arrangements For Returning To School In September 2021

 July 23rd 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Arrangements for returning to school in September – Year 1 – Year 6

(A letter with information about arrangements for Reception in Nursery will be sent out separately)

In the last couple of weeks, we have asked the staff team and the children what their covid-keepers would be out of all the measures we have put in place in school since the coronavirus pandemic started in March 2020. Their views along with the local authority comprehensive Covid-19 risk assessment has informed the decisions we have made in school for the new school year. Please be re-assured that we will continue to take every measure we can to keep you, your child, and our staff safe.

I want to share with you the arrangements for September for children in Year 1 – Year 6 when they return on Tuesday 7th September.


What is changing & what is staying the same?

We have reduced the number or start and finish times but entrances and exits remain the same

to reduce congestion on the site.

At home time, parents who need to collect other children whose exits are on the other side of the site will be able to gain access across the site. We would ask you to limit this wherever possible.

Children in Year 2,3,4, 5 and 6 classes will still come into school without an adult. We have found that this helps the children to settle quickly into learning.

Year 1 children will be able to be accompanied by a parent/carer at the beginning of the autumn term

Start and finish times and entrances & exits (Please ensure your child arrives and leaves on time)

YEAR 6 start: 8.40 finish: 2.50
Entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 5 start: 8.40 finish: 2.50
Entrance & exit: car park gate (Darfield Road)

YEAR 4 start: 8.40 finish: 2.50
Entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 3 start: 8.50 finish: 3.00
Entrance & exit: new back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 2 start: 8.50 finish: 3.00
Entrance & exit: back gate (Ashton Road)

YEAR 1 start: 8.50 finish: 3.00
Entrance & exit: Bexley 1 back gate Bexley 2&3 front gate


What does my child need to wear/bring – Children need to come in full school uniform.

· Children in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 can come in PE kits on the day they have PE.

PE kits must be white tops and blue/black bottoms

Children in Year 1 & 2 need to bring in a PE kit to change into on the day.

If you need support with school uniform or PE kits, please contact school.

· All children need to bring their own named water bottle not in their book bag please.

Thank you for working with us and showing such patience and understanding during another challenging school year.

We look forward to welcoming all our children back in September ready to learn, laugh and love.


Have a very happy and healthy summer break

Yours sincerely

J. Summerfield (Headteacher)