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Arooj Writing Awards 2018

Hundreds of children from primary schools across Leeds submitted entries into the Arooj creative writing competition, with 35 pupils being short listed as potential winners.

Child Friendly Leeds

The competition is organised by Leeds City Council’s inclusion team and is part of a project which aims to increase attainment in pupils of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage. 


One of our pupils, Hasba (Darfield 3) was shortlisted for an award.

Arooj awards

The Arooj Awards 2018 ceremony took place on Tuesday 13th March and Hasba attended the ceremony with her Dad and Miss Clarke

Unfortunately Hasba didn’t win but she was happy that she was runner up and was awarded a certificate by the Lord Mayor and a lovely book and calligraphy pen.

Well done Hasba, we're all very proud of you.

Here's Hasba's short story.

My happy place
One stormy day, Katie was at home laying down on the sofa watching TV bored. She had nothing to do. So she thought she would have a walk at the lake while she was feeding the ducks. Suddenly out of nowhere a magical door appeared in front of her “wow” she said. She slowly walked into the magical door, when she walked to the other side she was mind blowed it was her favourite beach and the water was as blue as the sky and the sand was as soft as a feather and the sounds of the waves was as peaceful as calm music. But it was getting dark so she had to go back home although it was getting dark she didn’t want to go home but she knows her mother would get worried. Slowly she went out but she knows she could come back when ever she likes and get happy.