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Home School Agreement

Our School's Agreement

We will:

  • Treat all our children fairly, care for them and ensure they feel safe whilst at school
  • Ensure all our children are well taught and they achieve their best in all aspects of school life
  • Expect high standards of behaviour and good manners at all times
  • Help our children to develop a sense of responsibility and be considerate of others
  • Ensure good attendance and punctuality
  • Ensure that our Harehills Curriculum is broad and balanced and relevant for our children
  • Provide a variety of during and after school clubs to meet the interests of our children
  • Hold regular parents’ consultations
  • Keep you well informed about general school matters and, in particular, the children’s progress
  • Listen and respond to any concerns
  • Be welcoming at all times and offer you opportunities to become involved in the daily life of the school


Our Parent/carer’s Agreement

We will:

  • Ensure our child attends school every day, in uniform, on time and with all the equipment they need.
  • Let school know about any changes which might affect our child’s learning or behaviour
  • Encourage our child to always do their best
  • Support our child with reading, spellings, mental maths and other home learning activities
  • Encourage our child to join during and after school clubs which interest them
  • Attend parent consultations and discussions on our child’s progress
  • Support school policies and rules, especially those on behaviour
  • Read all school letters and the website and reply if necessary
  • Support school events and celebrations
  • Work in partnership with the school


We are all here to Learn, Laugh and Love.

Please Note: This school will not tolerate Racist Remarks, Sexist Remarks, Offensive Remarks, Abusive Language, Physical Assaults or Intimidating behaviour

Any such behaviour will be taken extremely seriously and if necessary reported to the Police and Children’s Services Leeds

Our Governors' Agreement is to:

  • Support the school, staff and families
  • Ensure that all problems are dealt with effectively
  • Support parents and ensure their voice is heard
  • Ensure that all children get their fair entitlement,
  • Make sure all children and staff are safe
  • Ensure that anyone intimidating children, parents or staff is dealt with appropriately


Our children’s Agreement:

I will try my best to:

  • Attend school every day on time
  • Bring the things I need and look after them properly
  • Wear my school uniform and feel proud
  • Always have a positive attitude to learning
  • Always use good manners
  • Show respect to everyone and everything in our school
  • Have kind hands, feet and voices
  • Act as a good friend and team player
  • Always do my best (School rules)
  • Take home any letters to parents
  • Complete any activities I am given to do at home


You can dowload a printable copy of the Home School Agreement here: