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HeadLines - 16th November 2015

Time to remember, a memorable week

727 children alongside 90 staff and an Ofsted Inspection team took time to reflect and remember the many men and women who have died fighting in wars all over the world so that we can live in a safer place.

Showing impeccable behaviour, our children made class circles and stood in silence for one minute, demonstrating a solemnity way ahead of their years....

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HeadLines - 9th November 2015

Showing we care

The care and well-being of our children is at the heart of all we do at Harehills Primary school. Last week our Pastoral Hub team met for their first meeting since half term and the minutes from their meeting showed how well our team works to support children and families to ensure they are happy and ready to learn.

Along with Steven Wood our Associate Governor I had a...

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HeadLines - 2nd November 2015

Feeling safe and Keeping safe 

Welcome back for another busy and exciting half term. November is a month when we will be focusing on "feeling safe and knowing how to be safe". We will be launching our "Every day counts in November" challenge this week to remind all our children to come to school every day. We know if our children are in school then they are safe and learning. We also have...

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HeadLines - 19th October 2015

World Food week

Last week was World food week and during the week, our school catering team served up a different menu, giving children the opportunity to try a selection of food from around the world. In lessons children talked about world hunger and found out just how little some children have to eat. We are only too aware that there are families within our own community who have very...

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HeadLines - 12th October 2015

Respecting one another's differences

I watched Elford 3 perform an entertaining assembly last week which delivered such an important message. Based around the story of the lovable multi-coloured elephant Elmer, they reminded us that we should celebrate our uniqueness. The world would be a very dull place if we were all the same. Differences can be scary and  sometimes cause misunderstandings....

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HeadLines - 5th October 2015

The sound of music

Music can be a truly uplifting and I have been thrilled to listen in to Year 6 exploring rhythm through Bon Jovi's "Living on a prayer". This progressed to a rousing vocal rendition last week. It made me want to get out my air guitar!! I look forward to what they will be attempting next. All part of a new resource, Charanga, that is being introduced into Key Stage 1 and...

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HeadLines - 28th September 2015

Learning about different faiths; understanding and respect

Rich in culture and diversity, we use every opportunity we can to find out more about the different faiths represented within our school. Sandhurst 1 (Year 6) delivered a confident assembly all about the main activities that a Muslim pilgrim undertakes during their special Hajj pilgrimage. It was a creative and imaginative take on the...

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HeadLines - 21st September 2015

Bringing learning to life; deepening understanding

Year 5 have shown just how important it is that we seize every opportunity to offer children real life experiences. Last Friday they visited a 1940s classroom in Armley Mills and enjoyed every second learning just what it felt like to be a child at school during WW2. The lady leading the school room experience was very impressed with the...

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HeadLines - 14th September 2015

The perfect start

It was wonderful to walk around school last week and be met by smiling, happy children, parents and staff, Team Harehills were back to learn in style, showing just how proud they are of their school and how proud they are to wear their uniform. I could feel a buzz everywhere I went and many children and families told me how the transition weeks before Summer had helped them...

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HeadLines - 7th September 2015

Happy New School Year!

A warm welcome awaits all our children and their families as they return back for a new school year on Wednesday 9th September. I am sure that the time children spent in their new classes in June and July will help them to feel happy and ready to learn, laugh and love.

Our Early Years team will be out and about visiting our brand new Nursery and Reception children to...

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