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HeadLines - 11th May 2015

Team Spirit

Working together as a team helps us to achieve much more and this week I have seen evidence of great team work wherever I have been. Year 2 showed true grit and character when they braved the unpredictable British weather on their trip to Scarborough. Even though it was windy, cold and wet they were determined to feel the sand between their toes and have the pictures to prove... Read More

HeadLines - 4th May 2015

Governors; Going that extra mile

Last Tuesday our Governors met to review what's been happening over the last term at Harehills Primary.
A dedicated group of skilled and energetic individuals it is their role to support but add challenge to the leadership of the school. They ensure that the Head teacher and the Strategic Leadership team are accountable for all aspects of school life. At this...

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HeadLines - 27th April 2015

Young historians, inspired to learn

Summer term has begun with some fun inspirational starter lessons. Year 2 children enjoyed the fun of a Victorian seaside experience, including tasting cockles! As young historians they will be able to compare the seaside of the past with seaside visits for 21st century children when they go on their trip to Scarborough next week. Year 3 got a taste of life...

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HeadLines - 20th April 2015

Welcome back to school. I hope you are all rested and ready for the busy half term ahead.

Thank you for supporting the school in improving uniform. Our children look so smart in “Harehills blue”. Now it is the Summer term children will need a white or light blue polo shirt (with Harehills Primary logo on if possible) Girls can wear blue checked dresses or blue shalwar kameez if they...

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HeadLines - 30th March 2015

Value your achievements

In Monday's assembly, Bexley 2 children talked about what they had achieved this half term. This included learning how seeds grow; understanding the two times table; being able to skip; reading stories and learning actions and improving writing. They helped us all to remember to make time to reflect and value our own achievements.

During the week our School Improvement...

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HeadLines - 23rd March 2015

Arooj (meaning "Rise") Celebration

What a magical event the Arooj Celebration event was last Thursday afternoon.
Arooj is a collaborative of schools all working together to raise aspirations, expectations and achievement of children from minority ethnic groups. This celebration was to announce the winners of the Arooj Creative Writing competition but also showcased the creative talents of...

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HeadLines - 15th March 2015

Attitudes to Learning

Last week we proved that collaborating as a team of staff and children we can help one another to achieve.
Darfield 2 children reminded us of how important it is to be resilient and Year 6 children proved they could be during a long hard week of Mock SATs. Encouraged and supported by their staff buddies they persevered and remained focused throughout. A huge thank you to...

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HeadLines - 9th March 2015


Well done to everyone for 'keeping going' and keeping coming to school every day which has resulted in us reaching our Attendance target last half term. Whole school Attendance hit 95.7%. We have also started this half term really well. First week back Attendance levels rose to over 96%. If we can sustain this then we can achieve the highest Attendance levels the school has ever...

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HeadLines - 2nd March 2015

Understanding British democracy, Harehills Primary style!

Year 5 children began their new theme "Who stole....?" with a mock court case. What better way to inspire children to learn than to involve them as jurors in a case about the theft of jewellery and cash from a certain Mrs Peacock of Cluedo fame.
Our talented Year 5 teachers delighted the children by acting as various witnesses as well...

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HeadLines - 23rd February 2015

Perseverance is the key


Welcome back to another busy half term. 

This half term we will be reminding the children of the importance of perseverance; continued effort and determination, such a key skill in a world full of challenges.


Before the half term break Conway 3 shared with us the importance of Chinese New Year and the many traditions surrounding this celebration. February 19th...

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