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HeadLines - 27th March 2017

Having fun and helping others

What fun we had on Friday "dressed in red from our toes to our head". I am always amazed by how our children embrace any fundraising opportunity with such energy and enthusiasm. We always like to do our bit to raise money for deserving charities and believe that it is important to teach our children to show that they care about others who are less fortunate than...

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HeadLines - 20th March 2017

Bursting with pride

Congratulations to our eight UKS2 children who wowed their audience whilst acting as master of ceremonies at the Arooj Awards Ceremony in Leeds Civic Hall on Wednesday. One fellow Headteacher sent me an email saying, "your children shone at the Arooj ceremony today – they were brilliantly funny and crystal clear as well – very loud and proud!  I know you will be...

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HeadLines - 13th March 2017

Feeling confident to take on a challenge

What a busy week it was last week. We entered three teams in the East wedge heats of the Leeds Primary Debating competition. All three teams impressed and one wowed the judges enough to secure a place in the final of this city wide competition for the second year running.

Meanwhile, for four days of the week our Year 6 children rose to the challenge...

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HeadLines - 6th March 2017

"We went on a bear hunt"

Last Thursday it was World book day and to celebrate this annual event our reading team led by Miss Pallas came up with a unique and fun way of recognising just how much enjoyment we can have from books.

The whole school took part in a retelling of "We're going on a bear hunt", with very year group dressing up and using props to represent a section of the story....

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HeadLines - 27th February 2017

Collaborative learning

Collaboration is a great way of learning and enables schools to share best practice. Last week we seized every opportunity to join together with other schools, continuing to cement existing relationships but also forging new relationships which will help Harehills Primary school to remain strong and continue to flourish and develop.

Our Upper Key Stage 2 staff visited...

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HeadLines - 20th February 2017

The strength of community

Our community was hit by the tragic death of Irfan Wahid on the day we finished for our half term break. This cruel loss of life showed just what a strong community Harehills is as people representing all faiths and ethnicities came together as one to show respect for the young teenager and his family. One of his friends said, "It is times like this you realise...

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HeadLines - 6th February 2016

Real life drama: Who left the oven on?

Last week was another week filled with fun; most notably the drama of 'who left the staffroom oven on'? Every single year 2 child was totally hooked and immersed in the learning that the mystery of a burning pizza can bring! Add in a real life fire alarm and a crime scene and the possibilities become endless?!

The Harehills Curriculum at its creative...

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HeadLines - 30th January 2017

A snapshot into learning

It is such a privilege to have the time to take a peek into what's happening across school for all our learners. Last week I was thrilled by what I saw. A fierce, flame-haired Boudicca marched into Year 3 and left our children in no doubt as to how fearless she was, whilst giving them a fun way into asking questions about the past. The children enjoyed joining in with...

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HeadLines - 23rd January 2017

Harehills Young Voices 2017 live 

We turned our school hall into a music arena last week to recreate the experience 47 children and 7 adults had had in the Sheffield Arena on Thursday 12th January when they travelled to be part of Young Voices 2017. 

The atmosphere was electric, with lighting matching the beat and lyrics of the songs the children sang. Mrs Jack talked about the event and...

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HeadLines - 16th January 2017

Creating a chain reaction

Every January we launch our "Safe as houses" project which aims at reminding children of how they can keep themselves safe, as well as helping to keep others safe. Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood always find a creative way to involve our children and make sure important messages are understood. This year we are creating a 'chain reaction'. Every child in every...

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