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HeadLines - 2nd February 2015

A culture of vigilance

Conway 1 children started the week using Talk 4 Writing in their assembly to share their ideas for who we can ask for help if we need to.

In a world where there are many challenges and threats, it is vital we feel safer by knowing who we can turn to. Staff training on Wednesday gave us an insight into the Local Authority led PREVENT strategy.

West Yorkshire Police

PC Ash Razzaq from the...

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HeadLines - 26th January 2015

Read, Read, Read

We made a new year's resolution to make sure that the children of Harehills Primary read widely and often. Reading opportunities have been increased across the whole school.

  • Year 1 started "Come and Read" sessions with parents which have been an instant hit. Parents join their children at the beginning of the day and they read together. The sessions have developed to...
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HeadLines - 19th Jan 2015

Safe as Houses

Last week sixty of our older children worked with Danny from Class Dynamix to produce our own Harehills Primary song inspired by our Spring term theme, Safe as Houses. Entitled "Power of One" the result was incredible with a very powerful message. Putting into song, including memorable actions, how courage can help you overcome fear, doubt and criticism is a real achievement...

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HeadLines - 12th Jan 2015

The "Wow" Factor

Welcome to Harehills Primary School

Last week our beautiful new wall art was installed on the fences around the Early Years Playground. It puts a smile on my face when I look at each of the seven images because they depict what our school is all about: happy children enjoying school and learning. If you haven't been into our reception area yet I am sure you will be equally impressed with the wall art...

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HeadLines - 5th Jan 2015

Learning, laughing and loving in 2015

Happy New Year to all the families and friends of Harehills Primary School. I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas holidays and made the most of the time to have fun and enjoy quality time with one another.

The beginning of a new year offers us chance to set new goals and make new resolutions. In 2015 we as a school will aim to build on all the...

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HeadLines - 15th December 2014

Festive Traditions giving children a voice

Staff and children wore their Bobble Hats or Christmas Hats with pride on Thursday to raise money for the NSPCC and ChildLine.
Every child has a right to have a voice and sometimes a child needs someone to talk to. ChildLine is there for children who find themselves without anyone to talk to and often in desperate situations. It is important to remind...

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HeadLines - 8th December 2014

Creating a little bit of magic

Our children welcomed the start of the festive season with two special Advent Assemblies. The choir sang and we trimmed our Christmas tree. When the lights on the tree were turned on there was a sharp intake of breath and a quiet "Wow" uttered by children young and old!
We spent a few moments reflecting on the tree and the light from the Advent candle, thinking...

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HeadLines - 1st December 2014

Bringing learning to life

Year 3 classes visited Ripley castle this week. What better way to understand history than go and see and feel it for yourselves. They have also had a go at Archery and they really are starting to understand what being a knight or living in a castle was really like.
Meanwhile F2, Year 1, Year 2 ventured out to the SHINE building to be treated to a performance of The...

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HeadLines - 24th November 2014

Bully free zone

Harehills Primary school will not tolerate bullying and we know how to help stop it happening. Miss Melling started this years Anti-Bullying week with a thought provoking assembly reminding children of all the things they could do if they noticed any bullying in school or felt worried that they were a victim of bullying. She set all KS2 classes a challenge of helping a boy...

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HeadLines - 17th November 2014

The perfect role models

When staff refer to children as "great role model", "engaging in everything", "work hard", "excellent attitude to learning", "great sense of humour", "kind" you know that they are the perfect choices for Head Girl and Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Boy.
I am proud to announce that for 2014-15 Tasneem Elforjani (Sandhurst 3) is our new Head Girl and Umayir Hussain...

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